Lee cómo Dianética está causando cambios positivos en la vida de las personas.
I was blown away seeing my children co-auditing with other participants and hearing them communicate what they were experiencing: “Mom, I just got rid of my engrams!” They now have a different view on their behavior and attitudes. I can tell that they now have the possibility of being empowered, rather than helpless, in the face of our own reactions to difficult circumstances. I am thankful I found Dianetics and look forward to becoming one of the best trained auditors, and to helping my family, community and loved ones achieve mental freedom.
Dianetics can and will bring peace. Doing the Dianetics Seminar made me want to tell the masses, as it’s so helpful to society. I am thankful for the experience and look forward to using these techniques to help our planet. —Chad Muhammad
After my sessions I am alive. Before the Dianetics Seminar I had some problems from my past bothering me. I had weight on my shoulders. I had a front on and pretended as if nothing really bothered me most of the time. Now, my shoulders are lighter, my heart is lighter. I have a real genuine smile. I am a new me! —Kaytlyn L
I now understand the basic impulses in life towards survival. I also realized the effect suppression has on me and I will no longer allow that to affect me. I’m being liberated here at Tampa Org. —Maria R
My success is in having the courage to face the past and the present with Dianetics. I am no longer a product of what has happened, but the captain of what will happen. In my session, after hours of going though memories like dominos and putting each one to rest, I realized Dianetics would change the course of my life. When events in my life look devastating and too painful, I now choose to get in my car, drive to Tampa Org and get it handled with a session as soon as possible! —Mai T
Que es Dianetica?
Las experiencias dolorosas de nuestro pasado, tienen claramente un efecto en nuestro comportamiento actual. Pero ¿en qué medida, y por qué?

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